What is the FDG?

Fredericton Disc Golf’s mandate is to develop the sport of disc golf in our provincial capital region.

The FDG’s short term goals are

  • develop the Odell Disc Golf Course
  • create opportunities for members of the Fredericton community to participate in disc golf
  • develop an active membership

Our long term goals are

  • Expand or develop new courses in the Fredericton region
  • Promote the sport within our youth including the local school system

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History of disc golf in Fredericton

Disc Golf in Fredericton dates back to 2005 when the first tournament was put on in Odell Park. The 9 hole format drew players from the Fredericton region along with a group from Maine. The first permanent course was installed in 2008 at the Sunset Strawberry U-pick. The 9 hole course reused the tube tones purchased in 2005, as the layout \worked its way across the berry fields and tree covered roads. In August 2013, the City of Fredericton and the FDG installed the permanent 9 hole Odell Park Disc Golf Course. Since the opening, Odell has been drawing large crowds and we are looking forward to further growth in our Capital region.

How to contact the FDG

To contact the FDGA please email  FrederictonDiscGolf AT gmail.com

Check out our Facebook page

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